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One exceptional service that is offered by DLOG is construction consulting, planning and design, and construction site management. Over the past 30 years Bill has designed and built 16 high quality dog kennels. These include adult dog kennels and state of the art birthing kennels. Some of these dog kennels have been constructed for Quail Run Plantation, Wynfield Plantation, Quail Country Plantation, Mays Pond Plantation, Southwind Plantation, and successfully managed an exclusive membership at Magnolia Plantation for 5 years. That membership has concluded as the property has been sold to a new owner.

Bill’s ability to work with an exceptional group of architects and construction companies has produced some exceptional and widely respected results. One must stop for a moment and think about what Bill & DLOG Consultants brings to a project. First, Bill’s father Jim, is a retired general contractor. Jim Bowles is one of the most respected general contractors in the Albany area. He has worked for some of the largest private plantation owners. He has also built some of the most beautiful southern antebellum homes in south west Georgia. Bill has been around this type of construction all of his life. Bill’s father still assists Bill with every construction project that DLOG is involved with. Bill & DLOG understands much more than just how to give a construction job eye appeal. They understand how to make it function in an efficient and practical manner. This is a quality that some of DLOG clients have stated is almost priceless. There are many qualified architects that can design and spec beautiful buildings for plantation settings. However, few if any have ever worked on a hunting property. Therein lies a challenge they are not prepared to handle. After the beauty, how do we make it work? Bill Bowles & DLOG specialize in how to make it work, beyond the beauty of the project. Simply stated, We get it and we know how to build it!In 1997 Bill and four others purchased Wynfield Plantation in Albany, Georgia.

The previous owners kept the lodge at Wynfield and made it their personal home. When Bill was asked how they would ever construct a new lodge in time to start the next season he simply stated, “watch my father work and get ready for quail season!“ The main lodge, two cabins, and the first of four dog kennels were completed and the season began on time.

As stated much of our work has been done on private plantations. Almost always our clients who own these plantations do not allow any pictures to be shown. DLOG is glad to discuss these projects.

DLOG has also worked with Marty Fischer of Sports Shooting Consultants on many occasions. Together they have designed and constructed some of the most respected sporting clays courses as well as other types of clay shooting options in the South Georgia Plantation Community.

DLOG has worked with and continues to work with Mr. Ray Cacchio on their dog kennel projects. Cacchio is one of the most respected dog trainers in the US. Cacchio oversees the Orvis Endorsed Kennel Program. He is also an Ambassador for Purina and specifically represents Purina at also all Labrador events in the US. When Cacchio was actively managing his kennel in upstate New York, he became a multiple national champion trainer. He has been inducted into the Bird Dog Hall of Fame. He has trained dogs for a “who’s who list of clients, including Tom Brokaw. Cacchio and Bill are extremely close friends and talk every week. DLOG clients have often spoken about the joy they have in watching Bill & Cacchio work together.

It is easy to see how DLOG has been so successful constructing the highest quality structure’s on many plantation properties. DLOG brings the right architects, construction specialty companies, and consultants to every job. This comprehensive service saves time, money, and avoids costly mistakes for DLOG clients.


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We understand your dogs have unique needs, which is why we work hard to accommodate all of your requests. We can construct custom kennels and build custom any size or anwhere you would need the kennel made. No matter what kind of kennel you’re looking for, trust DLOG to do the job right! We look forward to working with you.

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Contact DLOG today to have your custom Plantaiton, Hunting Lodge, Kennel, Pens, Sporting Clays, Trap, Skeet or outdoor utility custom built to your specification It is important to DLOG that every client knows that it does not cost any client any additional fees to book through DLOG. Not one cent. It is a true benefit and value to our clients to utilize the knowledge that DLOG has when making your next very special project in the great outdoors.
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