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DLOG Consultants, Inc. was founded by Bill E. Bowles. DLOG (Destinations – Lodges – Outfitters – Golf ) has one very specific mission.

That mission is to consult with and recommend the finest outdoor destinations. If you had to select one name who is extremely well respected in the wing shooting world, with respect to managing bob white quail hunting properties, it would certainly be Bill Bowles. Bill has dedicated over 28 years’ of his working life to the management of some of the finest hunting properties in Georgia. Recently Bill has taken DLOG to one of the finest Golf & Country Clubs in the Southeast. This club is Stonebridge Golf & Country Club in Albany Georgia. Under his management, this club has increased the membership by 322 new members in just 12 months.

This is something that the golf experts have stated was nothing short of remarkable for several reasons. The main one being the small size of the market in & around Albany, Georgia. DLOG has never lost sight of the hunting background where Bill has spent much of his time. DLOG Consultants has successfully managed Southwind Plantation, and an exclusive membership at Magnolia Plantation for 5 years. That membership has concluded as the property has been sold to a new owner. In addition, Bill has continued to breed and train some of the finest English Cockers in the US. Bill and his wife Tonya, have also organized trips for many years, to of their special vacation destinations, the Abaco Bahamas. As all can quickly realize, DLOG is diverse, and offers a lot of experience in many areas of outdoor destinations. DLOG is passionate about their services and cares about every client. If you need consulting assistance in any areas that DLOG specializes in, or if you desire to plan a trip to outdoor hunting, fishing, or golf destinations, please contact DLOG by e-mail or phone.

DLOG recommends that you contact us to assist with your reservation at any of our recommended destinations and guides. We always have current knowledge that will benefit every client. We are ready to answer any questions. Let us help you by making your next trip a hassle free, and very special experience


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Exotic Beaches

The Abaco Bahamas is one of the most beautiful places on this earth. We know our way around the islands. We know how to go, where to go and when to go. Once you land in Marsh harbor, we will take care of all of your arrangements. We work with our clients to make sure we know how they want to spend their time in the Abaco’s. This amazing place is one which allows you so many options every day. When we are trolling for mahi , sailfish and tuna , we are in beautiful deep blue water within minutes of going offshore. Bone fishing in the Marles is also a incredible way to spend a day. With our knowledge of which guides are the most accomplished, you will be assured to enjoy the beautiful experience.

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Contact DLOG today to place your reservation with any of our recommended destinations and guides. It is important to DLOG that every client knows that it does not cost any client any additional fees to book through DLOG. Not one cent. It is a true benefit and value to our clients to utilize the knowledge that DLOG has when making your next very special reservation in the great outdoors.
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Fabulous Hunting

With so many fabulous hunting properties at our fingertips, we have the inside knowledge of which properties will be best for each client’s needs. Whether you want to plan a hunting trip for family members, friends, or business clients, we can handle all of the arrangements for you.

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Amazing Golf

With our connection in the Golf World, we can accomidate almost any request you may have. Let us help put you on the course you have been dreaming about.

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